The Manifesto

At Coprocinephilia, we believe that shitty movies are more than an ironic indulgence. They’re a way of life. We dare to ask the question: what is the best shitty movie of all time? Is there a perfect shitty movie? How do you judge them? And why do zombie movies give me the runs while rom-coms plug me up like a fisted midget?

The Movies

The Criteria

The Scoring

There’s nothing quite like the enjoyment of a great shitty movie. They provide us with entertainment, education and above all a smug sense of superiority. It’s like reality tv but less hate-inducing. If you think you know the best shitty movie of all time, please inform us; we’ll slap it against the shit scale and see how it holds together. We pledge that our opinions, like our feces, will always be firm and come straight out of our asses.


One Response to “The Manifesto”

  1. Yaaaa Yipppeee! finally, I see the fruits of your long labor, I stumbled upon, scrumptious, and for all to see, So Hallelujah, for all man kind, so they can be a better person.
    Thank you, Movie Critics !

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